Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sports Ka Superstar - More Questions

The semi final episodes are drawing to a close, there's just one more round before we BANG onto the grand finale of the sports quiz Sports Ka Superstar. Yesterday's episode had a mixed bag of questions, some easy, some difficult, not a very high scoring episode. Also, some contestants like Ramki, Pranav and Arun Hiregange, more adept in quizzing, slipped from becoming the "awesome twosome" by a hairline margin. In my opinion, the two selected from this episode, especially the winner - Gaurav from Bangalore, will face the heat with the rest at the grand finale.
I decided to list down the questions of yesterday's show (dated 08/09/2010) in a new post, I had some problems formatting the contents of the earlier post. Guess it ran above the prescribed/manageable length.
Set 4: (Questions from the episode dated 08/09/2010 + 8 questions from prelims episodes, answers to this appear as my comment - refer comment 1 of the comments section to this post)
1) Which one of these games does not have a goalkeeper – polo, water polo, football, hockey?
2) At 2004 Athens Olympics, which athlete broke the 400m national record made by Milkha Singh in 1960 Rome Olympics?
3) Crocodile hold, elephant stance, charging elephant are all skills employed in which sport?
4) Which country’s national football team bears the nickname – Bafana Bafana?
5) Name the only Olympic medalist from Namibia who holds the current CWG record for 200m, a record since 1994.
6) With which team did Michael Schumacher make his formula one debut?
7) What is the “bull taming” sport in Tamil Nadu known as?
8) Name the strongest female chess player in history who became the grandmaster at the age of 15 years 4 months. (visual q modified)
9) Name the French footballer of Indian origin who made his debut for the French national team in the year 1999. (visual q modified)
10) Which edition of CWG is known as the “boycott” games?
11) The player who hit the fastest century in Indian Premier League.
12) Name the sport that is played with two kinds of balls – “kitty” and “woods”
13) Name this Swedish athlete just behind Jackie Joyner Kersie in the all time heptathlon points list (visual Q modified)
14) Name the gold medal winner in 2004 Athens Olympics – women’s singles tennis (visual Q modified)
15) Name the first woman sportsperson to receive the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award
16) Name the first recipient of the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award
17) Name the sporting organization founded on 23rd June 1937 in Army HQ at Shimla
18) In Durand cup, currently, the winning team is presented with two other trophies, name them.
19) In 2010 Wimbledon, John Isner and Nicolas Mahut played the longest ever tennis match, how long did this match last?
20) Name the first woman to have run the entire Boston Marathon.
21) Name the South African band that featured along with Shakira in 2010 FIFA anthem – Waka Waka
22) Name the first Indian in NASCAR
23) Name the president of Rajasthan Cricket Association from 2005-2009
24) Name the players of the very popular/successful men’s tennis doubles team from Australia which bore the nickname “The Woodies”
25) Which major mishap is associated with the Tamburello corner?
26) Who is nicknamed as the “The Flying Sikh”?
27) In the name Jeev Milkha Singh, Jeev is the shortened form of what?
28) To whom did Milkha Singh lose the Bronze medal by a whisker in the fateful 400m run in 1960 Rome Olympics?
29) Who threw his Olympic medal into the Ohio River after a feud with a whites gang and after being refused service at a whites restaurant?
30) Name the player who received two golds in CWG for lawn bowls and was inducted to Scottish Sports Hall of Fame in 2007?
The last round of semi finals happened yesterday - 13/09/2010. With just 20 days more for the CWG at Delhi, the concern of a neat display is a perennial high - first over corruption, money laundering, completion of venues on time, then on health aspects as the number of dengue cases are skyrocketing by the day, most recently on warnings from host nation government officials on an impending terror strike during the games. As a nation, we all are on tenterhooks, waiting to see events unfold from Oct 3-14, 2010. Not digressing further, I have updated a set of 40 questions (26 from yesterday's show and rest from previous episodes, after a gruelling memory exercise :)). The questions in yesterday's show mostly dealt with Olympic events, the questions I recollected from past episodes are more CWG centric.
Please find the answers to the questions below as a comment (comment 2) from me in the comments section. Happy Quizzing !!
Set 5:
1) Which of these events will be a part of the Delhi CWG? 50km walk, 20 km walk, pentathlon, bicycle motocross
2) The term steeplechase derives its name from which sport?
3) Which team won the Ranji Trophy in the year 2009-10?
4) Which game originated at Melrose, Scotland in 1880s when a local butcher Ned Haig organized it for fund raising for a sporting club?
5) Which city did Delhi beat by 46 votes to 22 to win the right to host 2010 CWG?
6) Ippon, Koka, Yuko, Waza-ari are four scores in which sport?
7) Who is the only tennis player to have won all the 4 grand slams and an Olympic gold medal in the men’s singles?
8) Which city has hosted the Asian games maximum number of times?
9) In which Olympics, did Leander Paes win the bronze medal for men’s singles, becoming the second Indian to win an Olympic medal in an individual event?
10) Name the Ukrainian heavyweight boxer who is the current IBO, WBO, IBF and Ring Magazine champion of the world. (visual Q modified)
11) Name the legendary baseball player who bears the nickname “Sultan of Swat” and “The Bambino” (visual Q modified)
12) What is the title of Dhyan Chand’s autobiography?
13) In 2010 FIFA world cup, Jerome Boateng represented Germany, which country did his half brother Kevin Prince Boateng represent?
14) Who defeated Bobby Riggs in the widely publicized match called the “Battle of Sexes” in the year 1973?
15) Which Bollywood actor represented Indian in cycling?
16) Name the Czech long distance runner nicknamed as “Czech Locomotive” who won gold s for 5000m , 10000m and marathon in 1952 Helsinki Olympics. (visual Q modified)
17) Name the first woman athlete to have won 6 Olympic gold medals. (visual Q modified)
18) Name the athlete who holds the record for 1500m middle distance track event (visual Q modified)
19) In which Olympic Games did women compete in weightlifting event for the first time?
20) Kalenjin tribe, the running tribe, known for long distance running skills belongs to which country?
21) Ever Onward is the motto of which sporting event/games?
22) Name the Olympian who was diagnosed with Polio at the age of 7 but accumulated 10 golds over 4 games.
23) The athletes of which country were taken hostage/murdered during the 1972 Munich Olympics?
24) In which sport did Jonty Rhodes represent South Africa apart from cricket?
25) Which five time US open men singles champion is also the youngest to win the title?
26) Which sport was demonstrated by the Hanuman Vyayam Prasarak Mandal in the 1936 Berlin Olympics?
27) Which athlete was forced to leave Munich (1972) before closing ceremony of the Olympic Games for the fear that he should not be targeted by the Palestinian gunmen?
28) Which sport is locally known as Hu-Tu-Tu or Chaduguddu in different regions of India?
29) Where did the first edition of CWG take place?
30) Who marches first in the Parade of Athletes in the CWG?
31) Who hosted the games under the name Commonwealth Games for the first time?
32) When and where did the Commonwealth Games take place for the first time in Asia?
33) The CWG held in 1962 were also known for “heat, dust and glory” for the inhospitable weather conditions. Where was this edition of the games held?
34) Name the first black African to win a gold medal Olympics, who clinched the gold (1960 Rome Olympics) in marathon event running barefoot.
35) Name the Indian athlete who failed the gender test and was stripped off her silver medal of 2006 Asian games.
36) Who remained not out in the innings when Kumble picked up all 10 wickets in the test innings in the year 1999?
37) Who won the Orange Cap for the IPL held in 2010?
38) In which edition of Olympic games did Agassi win the gold in men singles, managing to complete a career golden slam?
39) Name the legendary figure in Indian motorsports who died in an air crash while flying a trainers aircraft
40) Which of the following is not related with Cricket? Deodhar trophy, Irani trophy, Shimla trophy, Ranji trophy


Divya Shankar said...

Answers for SET 4:
1) Polo (Easy one to start with)
2) K M Binu, broke the national record held by Milkha Singh after 44 years
3) Kabbadi
4) South Africa – in Zulu, the term means “the boys”
5) Frankie Fredericks, his time 19.97 sec is the current record for CWG 200m
6) Jordan
7) Jalli Kattu
8) Judit Polgar, Hungary
9) Vikash Dhorasoo
10) The 1986 CWG held at Edinburgh, largely due to apartheid era, attitude of Thatcher’s government to S.African sporting contracts. About 30 nations boycotted the games.
11) Yusuf Pathan
12) Lawn Bowls
13) Carolina Kluft
14) Justine Hennin
15) Karnam Malleshwari
16) Viswanathan Anand, 1991-92
17) AIFF, All India Football Federation
18) President’s cup and Shimla trophy are awarded along with the Durand cup.
19) About 11 hours
20) Roberta Gibb, 1966
21) Freshly Ground
22) Narain Karthikeyan
23) Lalit Modi
24) Todd Woodbridge and Mark Woodforde, together have won 11 Grand Slam titles
25) The accident at 1994 San Marino Grand Prix in which the formula one racer Ayrton Senna lost his life. His car crashed the concrete wall at this corner.
26) Milkha Singh
27) The name is actually Chiranjeev Milkha Singh, a professional golfer and son of the famous athlete, Milkha Singh
28) Malcolm Spence, S.Africa
29) Cassius Clay, Muhammad Ali
30) Willie Wood

Divya Shankar said...

Answers for set 5:
1) 20 km walk
2) Horse racing
3) Mumbai
4) Rugby 7s
5) Hamilton
6) Judo, koka’s use has been abandoned since 2009
7) Andre Agassi
8) Bangkok (4 times)
9) 1996 Summer Olympics, Atlanta. The first Indian post independence to have won a bronze medal in an individual event was KD Jadhav for wrestling
10) Wladimir Klitschko
11) Babe Ruth/George Herman Ruth
12) Goal!
13) Ghana
14) Bille Jean King
15) Jankidas Mehra
16) Emil Zatopek
17) Kristin Otto – Germany, won 6 golds in 1988 Seoul Olympics
18) Hicham El Guerrouj, Morocco
19) 2000 Sydney Olympics
20) Kenya
21) Ray Ewry
22) Israel
23) Hockey
24) Pete Sampras
25) Asian Games
26) Kabbadi
27) Mark Spitz, he won 7 gold medals in the 1972 Olympics, being a Jew , it was feared that he would be targeted in the Munich massacre and was sent before closing ceremony.
28) Kabbadi
29) Hamilton, 1930, then known as British Empire Games
30) The previous games’ host nation
31) Edmonton, Canada – 1978, the games came to be known with its current name – Commonwealth Games. Before it assumed the current name, it was British Empire Games, then British Empire and Common Wealth Games and British Commonwealth Games.
32) 1998, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia
33) Perth, Australia
34) Abebe Bikila, Ethiopia
35) Santhi Soundarajan
36) Waqar Younis
37) Sachin Tendulkar
38) 1996, Atlanta Olympics
39) S. Karivaradhan
40) Shimla trophy