Thursday, May 15, 2014

Elections 2014

Elections 2014 in India has earned many sobriquets - watershed elections, India's most polarising elections, elections with the highest voter turnout. The longest election ever held in the history of the largest democracy in the world, with nine phases spanning from Apr 7 to May 12, 2014 culminates tomorrow, May 16, with results declaration.

The elections to constitute the 16th Lok Sabha in 543 constituencies has been a significant one in many respects. It has witnessed sledging and slamming that downplays infamous episodes in cricket and puts masters like Aussies to shame. Repugnance and acerbity have overflown in excess in all directions.

While debates still ensue if a Modi wave exists at all, it is undeniable that an insuppressible urge to vote persisted in the youth of the nation. For the first time, youngsters cared to look and think beyond cricket and its closely linked partner in entertainment, cinema. While people wanted to come out and vote, the Election Commission did not quite like this over enthusiasm and deleted as many as 74 lakh names in the state of Maharashtra alone.

People thought only paper and ballot boxes proved convenient for rigging but were taken aback when Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) too malfunctioned. Irrespective of any button pressed, lights flashed against the current ruling party. As if men were not enough to rig, rodents too joined in creating mayhem, cut wires, devored buttons and damaged EVMs stored post voting in Ghaziabad, the only solace that rodents imparted damage impartially.

News channels ate, drank and slept elections 2014. News on weather, sports, cine glitz and glamor, terror/militant attacks, economic/market affairs, international topics like problems in Nigeria,Ukraine, Turkey, South Korea all went missing much like the missing Malaysian airline MH 370. Reporters ran between Amethi and Varanasi like lunatics and many reconciled to spending days and nights on Ganga ghat in Varanasi.

Nations' pulse is high, anxiety and enthusiasm levels hit a top notch, call it over awareness incited by media or a mad drive against incumbency or intolerance to unfathomable corruption and scams in the nation, this election has been the most closely followed one by many who never cared to check how the government formed or functioned.

I voted in Bangalore on April 17, 2014 and did my duty as a citizen. As said in the Gita, I am only supposed to do my action and not expect the fruit of it. I wait with bated breath (minus expectations) for the announcement of the nation's leader for that decides the country's future. And yes, a quick sign off from the post before someone terms me communal and non secular for having quoted the Gita.