Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Do you belong to the CREAMY layer ?

Not talking of reservations, economic disparities/advantages and the related CREAMY layer. This is purely about ICE CREAM INDULGENCE.

Lunch table conversations at office in the last few weeks have been revolving around a certain ice cream parlor/chain - NATURALS (Ice cream of JUHU scheme from Mumbai). People who have resided in Mumbai for an appreciably long period have been going GA GA about it.
I visited the website - and the craving began instantly.

Last Sunday, an evening stroll down 100 ft Road in Koramanagala, starting from Sony World Junction, led Viswa and me to a "Naturals" outlet. Yes, serendipity - we spotted a Naturals Ice cream of Juhu scheme (since 1984) parlor on 100 ft road, Koramangala, after Umerkot Restaurant.

We decided to try out three flavors - tender coconut, mango and papaya-pineapple. A single scoop in a cup/cone is priced at Rs 33 and the waffle cone attracts an extra 5 Rs. The ice cream is truly OUT OF THE WORLD ! Especially the tender coconut flavour melts in your mouth stealthily leaving behind tiny pieces of malai (tender coconut chunks), that's what one calls ambrosia and we felt like GODS there. The mango ice cream was no less sumptuous, fresh, ripe mango pieces blended in rich ice cream made us drool for more. The papaya-pineapple flavor was also equally refreshing.

The ice cream indulgence continued for a second day as if the earlier quota was not enough. We visited another outlet of Naturals Ice cream at St.Marks Road (House of Lords, opposite SBI main branch) on Monday and dug into a feast of mango and tender coconut ice creams, pretty addictive flavors, I must admit.

We left with a vow to come back, try other flavors like Chikoo, Water Melon and Kala jamoon - the flavors of the season. We express many thanks to Mr. Kamath, who just did not stop with an idli-dosa outlet like most others from his clan, for his innovative recipes, for a refreshing thought that has elevated the taste of ice creams to an entirely unparalleled level.

From conversations, I inferred, there are many Mumbaikars who reminisce the Naturals experience and talk about it at length, feel Bangalore is a home away from home with the opening of Naturals outlets. There are others who have religiously thrived on its flavors for an year or two and now consider eating it, an old age custom.

For us, the first timers, it is just the beginning, our love for Naturals ice cream will remain on a NEVER SAY DIE high note.

I always felt Dinshaw ice cream (I had them as a child on my visit to Nagpur, used to have them while getting back to Chennai from Delhi at Nagpur Railway station during my college-home trips) was the undisputed winner in ice cream business. At places where Dinshaw was not available, I felt happy and content with Kwality Walls. A visit to Naturals ice cream parlor has shuffled the top order. Definitely, it is Naturals on spot no 1 for me.

To Bangaloreans, in case you want to belong to this creamy layer, rush to the nearest Naturals parlour :)


Divya Shankar said...

The ice cream indulgence continues :)
Last month, I tried jack fruit, custard apple flavours. Could not avoid eating the mango flavor,neat addiction, I say :)
Yes, the jack fruit and custard apple flavours were AWESOME !!

Shruti Garg said...

For me to Naturals is No 1. My hubby likes Corner House too.. and askes me my why I am crazy for Naturals...

But for me.. no icecream stand in front of Naturals :)