Thursday, April 22, 2010

IPL3 Musings (Note 2)

Not good at poetry, just tried my hand at it.
Some of the lines below struck me as I travelled in rain, past Chinnaswamy Stadium on Apr 21, 2010. Got a chance to complete it post semi final 1 of IPL 3 session :)

Thunder jolted the Bangalore sky,
Lightning struck heavily and ripped it apart,
We were to host semi finals here ... (sigh)

Anyways, that would not have happened for weather was insane.
Pollard, Rayadu did the magic to get Mumbai Indians through,
whilst challengers shrunk in pain,
Bangaloreans hurried back home to watch their team win,
battling the rain that left enough moisture,
But Royal Challengers Bangalore appeared totally out of form and only lacklustre.
Interesting, it will be if Chennai Super Kings lose today, for they have not been shrewd !
Then RCB and CSK will clash on Saturday; guess it will no less tense than India – Pak feud.

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