Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year ... around the corner

2011 is quickly coming to an end ... a new year is about to begin soon ... very soon :)
I have, in recent past, gained this practice of buying copies of Manorama Year Book or say any other compilation that grasps details of all major events in India and world around new year time. In fact, on New Year's day, I buy a copy of the newspaper - The Hindu (the one I grew up reading) and carefully preserve the 4-6 page section/segment that covers events of 2011. 

The problem I faced with Manorama Year Books is that these are bulky, drab and small fonted; a stockpile of details -  apt for a civil services exam aspirer, in my opinion. I have their entries for 2009 and 2010 but managed to turn only a few pages, barely 20%. For the year 2011, I bought a pocket yearbook - much thinner, released by IIPM publishing house, more like a general knowledge info bank. 

Casual browsing through new collections in a Reliance Time out, close to my office, brought me to a very colorful book - Hachette Children's Yearbook and Infopedia 2012. This colorful book with vital information in it of many events of the year comes along with a free CD - full of famous quotes and quotations on varied topics. I purchased a copy of this book from - online shopping portal. This book marked for sale at Rs 275 in stores is available at crossword online portal for Rs 207. 

The contents of this book suffices my interests. There is no excess information and the way facts are presented is awesome. Bold lettering, different colors, the scheme of presentation is perfect for a casual summation of news of year 2011. Below are the sections into which the book is divided -

  1. News : India 
  2. News: World
  3. ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Recap
  4. Awards and Award winners
  5. The year ahead - peek at 2012 Olympics
  6. Countries of the world (A-Z)
  7. Know your Planet 
  8. History section 
  9. India : States and Union Territories 
  10. Literature 
  11. Movies 
  12. Science 
  13. Space 
  14. Sports
  15. Diary - 2012 Calendar and Year Planner for you 

Each of the sections numbered 6-14 has a brief quiz session at its end with answers provided at the end of the book. The topics organization and extent of details are good for adults who are not so serious about every iota of detail in 2011. I prefer this colorful summation of 2011 by Hachette to Manorama series of which I have , now, got terribly bored. Though the title reads "for children", the book has many a detail that can fill in empty pockets of our heads too. 

Happy Reading and Happy 2012 :) 

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