Thursday, November 24, 2011

Redirection to a new space

Hello All,

Posts in this blog - FURORE SCRIBENDI, under the label - Foodie's Sphere have been moved to a new space in The link pointing to this new space is and is called Foodies' Sphere. From now on posts related to recipe trials in kitchen, good eateries in Bangalore or anywhere else in India, plainly stating, anything related to food, will appear in this blog space.

Reasons for migration: I found posts under the label - Foodie's Sphere quite illustrious plus different in terms of interested audience, thereby decided to keep them apart. I always wanted to have a personal blog space on cooking but had minimal first hand experience back in 2008 when Furore Scribendi began. With about 5 years of experience in kitchen, post wedlock and much learnt from my mother, mother-in-law, trial and error in kitchen and largely from friends on blogger space, the intention to create this dedicated space for food/cooking related posts has found more and better meaning.

The posts under this label - Foodie's Sphere will remain on this blog till end of 2011, these will all be deleted when the new year begins. These, along with more and new ones, from now on, will be available at

Thanks for reading !! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance.

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suma said...

I am speechless, humbled and touched, don't really know what to say Divya! Thanks so much for your kind words, am not sure how much of this I deserve though..

Your rolls look perfect and golden, congrats on your success with yeast! I am looking forward to trying out more variations too...And yours truly too thinks that everyday cooking is boring when compared to baking ;-)