Friday, April 29, 2011

Hands free

A little thought hit my head on observations I made over many many days.

The sight of many solitary souls walking down lanes – empty lanes with canopy of tress sending a hiss through light breeze and busy streets teeming with people; brimming with vehicles - struck my head with a whiff. These troglodytes whispered mushy secrets with a cheeky giggle, walked and muttered things, gesticulated with hands and elaborated the most incomprehensible things, blew their tops off with furious reactions and nasty words. Upon taking a closer look, a pair of slender, black cords dangled from the ears and it dawned,  they were hands free on their mobile phones.

Who said size zero is trendy these days?  At least in phones, it is definitely not. Scenes from Bangalore roads make me conclude, people, by large, buy phones of considerable thickness that snugly fit between their cheeks and helmet’s inner lining. May be they carry their helmet to the mobile phones vendor for all practical checks. The phone sneaks out mysteriously like an extended appendage from the helmet of the driver of a two-wheeler. Again, when in a car or an auto, the phone should be, preferably, of considerable thickness to be supported between cheek and shoulder blade, not sleek that it slithers away from the neck.

People prefer to look like aliens, adorning a blue flashlight Bluetooth headset. Gone are times when grandparents were shy and reticent to wear hearing aids that shone explicitly, lest their grandchildren should make fun of them. Now, wearing these devices, like extended antennae from ears was in vogue though the purposes are clearly different. Who has the time to sort out the purpose or intent? As long as some gadget appears in the ear, the person is regarded a busy bee, supremely prominent and indispensable. It is cool! Come on; shrug your shoulders to add a little exaggerated effect to the statement!

The latest trend, catching up like a wild fever, is to cover one’s face entirely while talking. Bigger than the palm of your hand, this device does a great job defending your face, say from the sun or other social animals, or may be from a shoegate if you were a victim of smear campaign. These are the pads and the tabs –
I-pads and Galaxy tab. Sometimes, these come with a flap like cover, the flap covers your head a bit when you answer a call, serves as a wonderful sunscreen. Come on folks, throw away your "Fair and Handsome" and "Fair and Lovely" creams into trash can!

The above post may have a tint of jeer. Put those mobile phones to rest for a while when driving, eating and performing some essential daily duties even when you have the privilege of being hands free. It sure keeps accidents at bay.

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