Sunday, October 3, 2010

Label Guide

Hello All,
Hitting over a half century in my blog, I found navigation to my older posts clumsy. I decided to use labels to enable classification and easier access to my earlier posts. This post is a guide that briefly describes the labels I have used and their intent. I intend to update this post as I add more posts and use more labels. I hope this label based classification will provide a broad idea of what Furore Scribendi has to offer to its readers.
1) Bangalore Magic - I currently reside in Bangalore and this label points to all articles about Bangalore, my life here, info+entertaintment here.
2) CWG 2010 - All articles pertaining to the Commonwealth Games held at Delhi from Oct 3-14, 2010.
3) Intro - This is the first post I wrote on my blog.
4) Music and Movie review - I am music and movie buff, love Hindi film music lots. An equal fan of Tamil classics, old movie songs and Carnatic music, look out in this space for some reviews of films and music.
5) My fav articles - this section consists of some articles written/posted by eminent journalists/persons who have inspired my thoughts. I have put up these articles for my personal/future reference and I can vouch that these will offer a good read.
6) On a serious note - This is exclusively MY SECTION where I have penned down my thoughts and opinions. These are mostly issues of national importance, though some generic and international issues may also surface.
7) Quizzing - I like quizzing and look at it as a very productive and involving hobby. Please refer to this section for some Q & A.
8) Travel - I am fond of traveling and so is my husband. Together, we have visited many places, predominantly in the state of Karnataka, more precisely, in South India. This section consists of some travelogue entries.
9) Short stories - This section consists of some short stories/fiction.
10) Help - Look for any help or general blog related information here.
11) Book Review - A brief review of some books I have read. Not a voracious reader, still grab a book when I get time.
12)Foodies' Sphere - A new label added on July 10, 2011 to accomadate posts related to cooking/eating , everything related to food.
13) Sporty Affair - My observations and related deductions on sports and sport related activities appear under this heading. 

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