Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lalbagh Flower Show

Jan 26, 2010 – we, as a nation, celebrated 60 years of Indian republic. The Lalbagh gardens that adorn Bangalore hosted a flower show; open to public from Jan 19 to Jan 27, 2010 with an entry fee of Rs 40 per adult.

The highlight of the flower show was the floral Qutub Minar set up in the glass house. The usually empty glass house was decorated with heaps of annual flowers, arranged to form small hillocks at the corners. Rows of orchids, periwinkle, celosia wool flower, cockscomb, zinnia, dahlia, daisies, annual chrysanthemum, verbena, phlox, heliotrope and larkspur flowers added color to the glass house interiors.

Standing tall, in the middle of the glass house, was the floral Qutub Minar, crafted carefully and packed tightly with roses of different colors. There were two gateways on either side of the Minar, made completely out of roses. The structure of a lady with a water pot in hand prepared out of roses, at the entrance to the glass house, welcomed visitors. Towards the exit, after the Minar, were some floral/horticultural arrangements depicting some important festivals of India like Christmas, Ramzan, Diwali, Holi, Dassera etc.

Plants and flowers were exhibited by BDA, BBMP and Yelahanka rail wheel factory; these plants were ranked in a competition and the toppers were displayed in the glass house. Overall, the flower show at Lalbagh turned out to be a sweet, visual treat to Bangalore! Thanks to the organizers for such a wonderful display and kudos to their efforts!

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