Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Favorite AD

In the world of advertisements, tons of them talk volumes on serious issues of investments, insurance(health/accident), pension plans. A multitude of them deal with less trivial stuff like fairness creams, zero calorie sweetener and dandruff shampoos. Many more are totally insane. Of all these, Tata Safari DICOR, Reclaim your Life! ad stands out!!!

When the advertisement came on 1 full page of an English daily with lines as stated below, it won many hearts. Many memorised the lines/jotted them down, even preserved the paper cutting in their scrapbook. I am one of them.

Here goes -
If you had a look back on your life what would you remember?
The promotion ? The performance bonus ?
The plaque in the conferance room ?
It does'nt take supreme intelligence to know what really matters.
And yet , you do little besides look in the distance and sigh.
Would'nt it be tragic to realise too late that you did'nt see the trap,
that you did'nt recognise the two words
that are the biggest curse of humanity ...
' May be some day' ?
It takes little to reclaim your life.
No less better are the Airtel Ad - with A R Rahman's music adding charm that lasts till day; World Space satellite radio ad - with meaningful lines on how music can be defined, where it can be found, the definition delivered in a very composed voice by AR Rahman.
Hope to see more such well crafted ads amidst the current monotony of "Na sar jukha hai kabhi , Papa ghumm ho gaye tho bhi papa hi car laake denge, Aapka kal rahe aaj jaise hi, Get fair and (not just beautiful) handsome in 14 days " ... etc.

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