Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Finally , I am here .....

Well, what got me here? I don't know ; a sudden urge to write may be, that’s what furore scribendi is all about ! Or just that my team mate has been editing her blog since morn, in turn tempting me to create a new one. Maybe its just one of those few days when my manager is'nt around giving me a lease of freedom - freedom to browse , blog and blab.

It finally had to happen today , on the 13th of Feb 2007 (Date: for my own information) that my volition to pen down my thoughts got me to completing a 3 step process and yes, here I am with my blog, FINALLY.

So what does this page have in store for those who read it?Anything from world politics to literature, from economic & social issues to human psychology, may be even my personal episodes with a special tag "This piece of work is truly fictitious and any character that appears in this bears no resemblance to any person dead or alive", have always loved these lines - the safest way to write it all and still get away without much chaos :)
Making things more clear, neither am I a master/analyst in any of the above mentioned topics nor am I an avid writer. I consider this blog, a platform where I can post my views - views that have always yearned for expression , acceptance , appreciation and maybe even criticism.

Finally , I am here ........... in the BLOGGING world !